Gregg Allman, Southern Rock Pioneer

Again, the morning’s come.
Again, he’s on the run.
A sunbeam’s shining through his hair.
Appearing not to have a care.
Well, pick up your gear and gypsy roll on.
Roll on.


New Life for Discarded Vests

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Trash Talk

Kamikatsu, Japan is a town of 1,700 located in southeastern part of the country. In 2003, due to the adverse effects of incinerating garbage, the residents adopted a mandatory recycling program that includes washing, cleaning, and sorting their trash … Read More »


A (Very) Big Give

This past Saturday was quite a day for the Salvation Army, and for one bell-ringer in particular. A Minnesota couple casually dropped a check for $500,000 into the red kettle at the Cub Foods in Rosemont and then … Read More »


In Performance: Sisaundra Lewis

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Still Scoring

It’s one thing to grow up playing ice hockey. It’s another thing to still be playing – in your 90’s. At age 94, Duluth’s Mark Sertich still puts on the pads and plays pick-up with guys, some … Read More »


Piano Man

In 2010, Dotan Negrin had a dream and an idea. He quit his job as an art mover in New York City, bought a truck and a 400 lb. upright piano, and along with his dog Brando began a … Read More »


Designing for Kids with Special Needs

In 1981, Alex Truesdell met Erin, an infant with severe multiple disabilities. A few months later, her Aunt Lynn suffered a spinal cord injury that paralyzed both hands. An early childhood teacher at the Perkins School for the … Read More »


Girls Who Code

In 2009-10, during her unsuccessful run for Congress, Reshma Saujani noticed something as she visited various schools along the campaign trail – a lack of girls in computer science classrooms. Despite the growth of technology as an … Read More »


Crowdfunding: An Update

This past week, CTD initiated a 30-day crowdfunding campaign on Crowrdrise, a well-known crowdfunding platform for nonprofits. Certainly, these are very challenging times for nonprofits, and we are no exception. While support for CTD and our missions … Read More »