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Movie Theater’s Special Feature – Jobs for Disabled

When Valerie Jensen learned Connecticut’s Ridgefield Playhouse was slated for demolition, she had an ‘aha’ moment. Jensen had worked developing arts programs for those with special needs, knew the challenges the disabled faced finding work, and saw … Read More »


Update: Anthony Riley, From Street Performer to The Voice

This past September, we featured Anthony Riley who has spent the past seven years singing pop, rock, and R&B tunes on the street corners of Philadelphia. At the time, we said, “In cities and business districts across … Read More »


Fundraising Update

As our fundraising campaign continues, thank you for your generosity and support! If you have not already done so, please give today – we are counting on you! Simply click the ‘DONATE’ button located on the middle-right … Read More »


To Our Supporters

During the past 2 years, we have both featured and supported a number individuals and organizations as part of our volunteerism (People Helping People) and individual achievement (Reaching Full Potential) missions. One of CTD’s goals is to … Read More »


Lillian Weber: 99-year Old Sewing ‘Hero’

For the past 3 years, 99-year old Lillian Weber has been making a dress a day for little girls in need. Each dress takes 4 hours and is personalized with a special pattern or stitching detail. To date, the … Read More »


Alive! 55+ and Kickin’

A show recently opened in New York that did not get a lot of attention, but the voices it features and the stories it tells are extraordinary. Alive! 55+ and Kickin’ tells the real-life stories of its performers, … Read More »


Katie’s Krops

In 2008, when she was just 10 years old, Katie Stagliano planted a cabbage seed in her backyard. When it grew to nearly 40 pounds, she donated it and the rest of the vegetables she had planted to a local … Read More »


Neha Gupta

As a young child, Neha Gupta travelled to India each year to visit her grandparents, and as part of the trip they would visit the local orphanage. They would bring food, read stories, and Neha would play … Read More »


In the Spotlight: Jason Brown

In 2009, the St. Louis Rams signed Jason Brown to a five-year $37.5 million contract with $20 million guaranteed. The Rams released Brown three years later but rather than sign with another team, Brown made a big decision – to walk away … Read More »


Gyojoon Park

Gyojoon “Khan” Park is one of Philadelphia’s minstrels, playing intricate guitar pieces on the streets and in parks for change. Born in Korea, at various times he has lived out of his car, a room when he … Read More »