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Welcome to Catch the Dream!

Catch the Dream Foundation has two missions:  to support individuals with a special talent or skill whose circumstances have prevented them from reaching their true potential, and to recognize and support the extraordinary efforts of a special category of volunteers.  Why these two missions?


Our first mission (Reaching Full Potential) recognizes that every great achievement begins with an idea, a skill, and an opportunity, but that the chance to achieve can be very different for the disadvantaged.  Economic, social, and cultural factors can have a negative effect, suppress a promising new talent or innovation, and prevent a person’s true potential from ever being realized.  While the loss to the individual is great, the loss to society can be even greater.

Our second mission (People Helping People) recognizes a special category of volunteers – those who organize a volunteer effort, whether to help solve a problem or need in the community or another part of the world.  A single person’s desire to make a difference can change the lives of many and take many forms, whether providing food and medical care to the most vulnerable, helping the homeless regain their place in society, or assisting those devastated and displaced by natural disasters. What they do may seem ordinary, but the impact can be extraordinary.

The two missions share a common element – people striving to fulfill the promise they see in both themselves and others.  We don’t merely encourage people to achieve, but to ‘dream big.’

With great anticipation, I look forward to working with the many people and organizations that CTD will be supporting.

Richard Silverberg