Piano Man

In 2010, Dotan Negrin had a dream and an idea. He quit his job as an art mover in New York City, bought a truck and a 400 lb. upright piano, and along with his dog Brando began a journey playing some of the most improbable, amazing public venues in the world. Limited access forced him to literally push the piano up hills, into the woods, onto beaches, and through streets where cars are not allowed. He has played on the beach in Catskill Park, NY, in the California Redwoods, overlooking the Grand Canyon, and in front of the Eiffel Tower. In 2013, Negrin drove from NYC to Central America and back, spending 7 months on the road.

Now 5 years later, supported by tips and donations, Negrin has visited over 300 cities in 21 countries. “I wanted to wake up every morning excited to see what would happen next,” he explains. “That way, I’m on my deathbed and I can look back and say ‘Yea, I did this awesome thing when I was 24.’”