What We Do // Overview

Catch the Dream has dual missions – individual achievement (Reaching Full Potential) and volunteerism (People Helping People).  This overview explains how CTD identifies potential beneficiaries, and the support that may be offered.

With respect to our individual achievement mission, CTD engages in a rigorous process of identifying and evaluating those whose special talents and skills can make a positive impact, but whose circumstances may have prevented them from reaching their true potential.  This same evaluation process applies to our volunteerism mission which supports those who identify a problem or need, whether in the community or another part of the world, and who then organize their own volunteer effort to help.

Potential beneficiaries are identified in numerous ways, which may include e-mail, U.S. mail, telephone, inquiries via CTD’s website, and electronic and print media.  CTD staff may also go into the field to identify potential recipients, as well as to meet and observe individuals and organizations.  A due diligence process is performed concerning the qualifications of the potential recipient, and that support of the recipient would further the applicable (i.e., individual achievement or volunteerism) mission.

CTD offers direct financial support, non-monetary support, facilitates access to additional resources, and helps connect people and organizations with others for their mutual benefit. Contributions to CTD are deposited to the organization’s general fund and utilized to support those individuals and organizations that CTD determines best advance its two missions.